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  • “One-On-One”
    (Sunday Post)

           Interviewing different personalities and celebrities on subjects that are varied is always a learning experience. This column is not a monopoly of the rich and famous, but also of “many a flower bloom to blush unseen, and lost its sweetness in the desert air,” or of “many a gem of the purest ray serene in the dark unfathomed caves of oceans bare.”

          Some of these interviews were made at Radio Station DYRD/ZD, where I anchor a 30-minute advocacy project of BCCI (Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.). The rest were either in my office at ICM (Island City Mall) or at the offices of my subjects. But wherever is the venue, the repartee has always been a wholesome experience.

          It is through this column that I came to know myriads of individuals baring their lives in utmost honesty, unmindful of any negative result that may ensue. I also came across several low-profile achievers who shun the limelight, and would therefore love to be left alone. But the intruder in me is unquenchable.

          The intrusion continues, with my apology.