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  • It’s Time to Say “Goodbye.”

    With Loy M. Palapos
    September 7, 2014

    It’s Time to Say “Goodbye.”

    It has been more than seven years since I commenced “One-On-One” as a column, and in those years I never missed an issue. Even if I was abroad once or twice a year, because of my USA Green Card, I always saw to it that giving time to this column was a priority. Even ill-health was not made a burden. Modern IT was a great help.
    For three years in the late eighties, I had “One-On-One” on TV 12 in Surigao City, a one-hour slot where I interviewed live some dignitaries and celebrities (Cardinal Vidal, Senator Nene Pimentel, the Sering brothers, Christopher de Leon, etc.) on pertinent issues. It was a stint I started with trepidation but soon got used to, and loved.
    I had the full backing of the then Bishop Miguel Cinchez (God bless his soul!), who was instrumental in my Surigao sojourn, as Station Manager of Radio Station DXSN, which was owned and operated by his Diocese. I stayed in the Bishop’s House and imbibed a religious culture, with Nuns and Priests in most of my waking hours. One of them, Msgr. Arturo Bastes of Loboc, later was ordained Bishop of Romblon (now in Sorsogon). I enjoyed the learning experience. But even good things have to end.
    Back in Bohol and resuming camaraderie with Boy Guingguing (God bless his soul!) paved the way to this column. Being an interview genre, the decision to use “One-On-One” as a title, reflective of my Surigao TV slot, was easily reached. It was another exhilarating experience. But then, again, even the best of things need to end.
    To those who have been reading the interviews in this column, especially those who communicated with me through my email address and cell phone (at times showing appreciation, and sometimes making negative comments), THANK YOU. But it’s time to say “Goodbye.”


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