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    “Pulsong Bol-anon”

           Almost three decades ago, Bohol Express was in the newsstands, published by the Universal Press of Dr. Victoriano B. Tirol, Jr. and his wife, Dr. Cristita Balili-Tirol, who are both my friends.  Chito Fuentes, fromDavaoCity, was its Editor, and he was once my student atDivineWordeCollege. This affinity resulted to the rekindling of my writing-itch.

          The result was “Sashimi,” my “tongue-in-cheek” column, that left many things to be desired. Why the title “Sashimi?” I was then starting my job as Resident Manager of Bohol Beach Club, and my favorite food was sashimi, raw fish prepared with Japanese flavor. When I went back to the Provincial Capitol as Special Consultant on Special Projects and Studies, the more I wanted to hone my craft.

           I always love variations. Thus, when I was offered the job of Station Manager of DXSN inSurigaoCity, I grab the opportunity without second thought. Besides, Fr. Felix Hora, the emissary of Bishop Miguel Cinchez, who came in direct from Surigao, wished that I would fly with him at once. Then I learned that Bohol Express folded up.

          I came back to Bohol after almost 3 years in Surigao, and learned another weekly had been born: Bohol Times, published by Atty. Dionisio D. Balite, PhD. Through Jerry Guidaben, who was then in the staff of Atty. Balite, I resurrected “Sashimi” in Bohol Times. Some years later I changed the title to “Kinilaw,” which is the vernacular meaning of Sashimi. Lately, I changed it again to “Pulsong Bol-anon.”

          More than 20 years later, from “Sashimi” to “Kinilaw,” to “Pulsong Bol-anon,” I am still climbing Mt.Olympus. My contemporaries in Bohol Times are not with me as columnists anymore. But I keep on with this passion. My Editor, Atty. Salvador Diputado, is my witness that even if I am not inBohol, even in my annual sojourn abroad, I never fail to write my column. I owe it to my readers (if there are any) to keep my part of the bargain. Though “hell” would bar my way.