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  • Rotary Club of Tagbilaran, An Electrifying Man On His Roller-Coaster Orbit, November 26, 2014

    Rotary Club of Tagbilaran
    November 26, 2014

    An Electrifying Man On His Roller-Coaster Orbit

    It was during the sensually tantalizing years of my teen-life (and further on until the thunder-and-lightning loss of my innocence) that my amorous world was scintillatingly titillated by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Jayne Mansfield, and the realm I thrived on was a never-ending landscape oozing with breathless beauty, which I consider the best in my life. Today, when anybody breaths the line “Life begins at forty” I stare at the depths of his indecipherable eyes, suspend my belief, and ask myself if he knew how to get lost when he was fourteen to nineteen. For in all generations, including the era of the dinosaurs, this is the age to be unreasonable and be forgiven the atrocities youth brings.
    Except when sighting Jaccario Man-on who, at his phantasmagoric prime, is still an electrifying man on the go in his roller-coaster ride in an excilarating orbit that seems to have no alpha nor omega. Zac’s zest for life is as contagious as the dreaded ebola virus, with that boyish grin that would put to malignant shame the likes of Robert Redford and Leonardo de Caprio. Have you noticed that when Brad Pit grows his hair long he looks like Zac? (I won’t call him Jack, because he might dare climb that bean stalk that would catapult him to nirvana.)
    In his signature attire (which would put to eternal perdition Bench and Levi’s), down-to-earth gray long-shorts, blue shirt, and sneakers, he gives the impression that he indulges on a safari to hunt his nth lion somewhere in the hinter-grasslands of Mozambique. His asy-going and relaxed demeanor contaminates even the most anti-social and iron-hearted. You cannot help but be swayed to his “there-is-no-problem-that-I-cannot-solve” stance, ” and be another laurelled achiever. For this guy is a great success in his field.
    In the electrical circuit where he is an acknowledged King (he really is an Emperor), his amiability is electrifying, not just because he is an A-1 Electrical Engineer, but also for his unique sense of humor that spares no one when he unloads his charms. Thus, when this volatile guy is electrocuting around there is never a dull moment.
    Rotary is thrice-blessed having ZM as an integral part. As the Chairman on Membership, he does not snore on his responsibilities. He is as natural as the morning sunrise, making every minute of the Wednesday meeting a purposeful fellowship. A fellow-Rotarian once whispered to me (loud enough for another Rotarian next to me to hear):”Kon wa si Jack mingawon ko. Kon makakita ko niya , mora ko’g gitikon.” To which I retorted jokingly: “Sigi, paliwati.”


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