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  • Rotary Club of Tagbilaran, Prexy Butchie’s Power Team, October 1, 2014

    Rotary Club of Tagbilaran
    October 1, 2014

    Prexy Butchie’s Power Team

    Leadership of a socio-civic organization, especially one whose membership is culled from all avant garde sectors of society, could be a tragically a gargantuan undertaking. It necessitates varied talents and competencies, without which the one at the helm would be incapacitatedly thrust into a malignant realm between the devil and the deep blue sea. Prowess in decision-making, integrity, principled accuracy, measured assertiveness, fairheadedness, excellent communication skills, honesty, the courage to admit mistakes, interest beyond oneself…these are just some marks of an influential leader. Fortunately, RCT President Nerio Dote Zamora II possesses all the aforementioned, plus a lot more. And he has the backing of a power team.
    Rtn. Louella Gulle-Bantol is the spark-plug of RCT. Her multi-talents have propelled her to heights seemingly unreachable by the ordinary hoi poloi. The various positions he has held since joining the organization have long made her a real cog-in-the-wheel. All the projects she has chaired turned out successful. And all can attest that if she is not around in the Wednesday meetings (which seldom happens), the Fellowship Singing is as dry as the Sahara.
    Rtn. Victor Bantol is the unflinching decision-maker, backed up by his mother company which is undisputably concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility. Thus, when there are activities that need funding, count on this Engineer to be the Midas that turns thrash into gold.
    Rtns. Darlene B, Serena C, and Ma. Eleonor J compose a triumvirate that always spells victory in teamwork. One magic the Tres Marias can cast is the amalgamation of their responsibilities with the Lady Jaycees they also lead. They dovetail the bridge between the young Jayceerettes and the not-so-young Rotarians. It’s like shooting one bird with two stones, with an awe inspiring result.
    Rtn. Cecille Lumayag is not only beautiful, she is a competent Treasurer, who can clarify the assets and liabilities of the organization without batting an eyelash. Rtn. Tony Maquindang has the patience and humility of a lamb, who is most often the first one to come to the Wednesday meeting. There are more in Butchie’s power team, but we lack space.
    But then there is one eye-sore: the sporadic non-appearance of the Rotary Bulletin. We are not blaming anybody because we know the reason for this loophole. But we can always hope that, because the Bulletin is our material link every Wednesday, Prexy Butchie will utilize the contingency approach.


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