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    Rotary Club of Tagbilaran, The Sunshine Girl, December 10, 2014

    Rotary Club of Tagbilaran
    December 10, 2014

    The Sunshine Girl

    More than a decade has passed since I first met this beauty of a Lady at my old Alturas Office, and the memory could have been obliterated unceremoniously, except that her smile – so engaging in a most friendly and businesslike expression of warmth reflective of the glowing sun bathing the city outside – was so naturally perfect, that I soon forgot her name…but not the face. In an office where all pairs of eyes framed by frowning visages were totally glued to the tasks at hand, and grinning solitarily was totally out of context, a smiling physiognomy was a welcome change. She talked about trophies (not epitaphs, not yet; it was only years later when I learned that her family entrepreneurship catered from the stork to the grim reaper), and the more she epitomized the Sunshine Girl.
    When I became a Rotarian, it was easy to recall the smile, and later the name, which she legally borrowed-for-life from a tall, fair-complexioned handsome husband. Learning that she is a Nurse by profession, and that Australia is her second home, amazed me more. But the pressure of being a member of eight other GOs and NGOs took its tool – I decided to shed off a few stressful mental and physical concerns, including the Rotary Club and the presidency of the Habitat Foundation for Humanity.
    And then I met her again with Jun, and she mentioned the possibility of my being back with the Rotary movement…to which I said YES just to end the discussion (or so I thought was the end). Subsequent incidental meetings ensued, and, everytime I saw the Sunshine Girl, she reminded me Rotarily.
    The Sunshine Girl is incandescence scintillatingly personified, especially when she verbalizes her thoughts, punctuated by a body language that leaves nothing to be desired, gestures that don’t fail to convey meaning, facial expression evocative of her heart and soul. Add that melodious voice reaching a crescendo of delight to encapsulate a feeling …she could be a vamp without really trying. She may be guarded by a gigantic white Burmese python in her home. She may have gained an inch in the prime meridian of her vital statistics, but she is still that happy girl with a happy face in a happier disposition that everybody is happy to befriend.
    You know her as Cynthia Pedralba, Past President, Secretary, etc. I call her the Sunshine Girl of RTC.


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